Letter to Fair Vote Canada

Dear Anita et al,

As Fair Vote Canada FVC knows extremely well, Canada needs to improve its electoral system.

Does FVC give its support to the Preferential Ridings Proportional PRP system? FVC’s support could be very helpful.

As you may know, the Preferential Ridings Proportional PRP system has been applied to past election results taking the effectiveness of voters, (voters who can point to an elected representative whom their 1st choice (X) vote helped to elect), from half to almost all voters casting an effective vote. With preferential 2nd and 3rd . . . choices in their votes, all voters could feel some connection to the election result, i.e. feel included.

The PRP system would be far simpler to implement than most other systems, because the riding boundaries and voting structure are very similar to Canada’s present system, and make modification easier and faster.

This combination Preferential Ridings Proportional PRP system can be simply and seriously considered to replace the FPTP system with an A I R test. The A I R test means that throughout the process of change, the PRP system could be Accepted as is, Improved to make it better, or Replaced with a better system. All political parties would be more fairly represented in all elections with this PRP system. The parties that reject change because they want the possibility of having an illusory majority government, with 100% power and less than half the votes, do not show much respect for the half of the voters who cast ineffective votes in that election. Some of those ineffective voters are in their own party.

Does FVC give its support to the Preferential Ridings Proportional PRP system?

Yours truly,

Dave Brekke, very concerned former Federal Returning Officer for Yukon