Month: September 2015

Fair representation for all political parties in all elections

This Preferential Ridings Proportional, PRP, electoral system offers a change to a welcome break from the present excessively abusive governance of false majority governments. A false majority government has less than half the votes yet more than half the seats which gives it 100% power and need not be accountable nor transparent.  A false
majority government is not elected by the voters. It is elected by the present First Past The Post, FPTP, electoral system. One political party is over represented in the House, which causes other parties to be under represented without a balance of power. Though all the votes are counted in an FPTP election, approximately half the votes do not count, because only votes for winning candidates count. When I became aware of the ineffectiveness of the present system, I found it hard to believe that Canada does not have truly representative democracy.

If you want your vote to count when you vote with your heart and mind, you probably would like to see change to a system with proportional representation, PR. At this time, only Thomas Mulcare, Leader of the NDP Party and Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party have declared themselves to make change to the system. Elizabeth May was the first present leader to call for making almost all votes count in elections. Thank you Elizabeth.