Get Involved

  1. Telephone or email your MP and MLA and copy Fair Vote using the links below.
  2. Tell your MP and MLA that you saw the chart showing the ineffectiveness of Canada’s present vote counting system showing that:
    • 27% of the voters elected and are represented by Government which has 100% power
    • 54% of voters from all parties are not represented in the Legislative Assembly.  The chart can be seen at Be Heard below.
  3. Tell your MP and MLA that you want the chart seen by your MP and MLA and action started to improve the system.  At this time the Opposition parties expressed interest, but Government said NO and Government has the power needed to make change happen.
  4. Show this information to two friends.
  5. If you do not have a response from your MP and MLA in two weeks, contact your MP and MLA again for a response.