Volunteers and Contributors

It took the efforts of a lot of dedicated, talented and passionate people to make electoralchange.ca the way it is today. Many thanks and acknowledgements to these people:

  • Ted Dean – Analysed public record elections results for the hypothetical results of PRP elections.
  • Heidi Marion – Provided original artwork for the new pamphlet.
  • Danielle Daffe – Motivated, encouraged, and inspired others to start Fair Vote Yukon and encouraged Dave to continue the cause. Dedicated years of her life contributing time and energy to raising awareness.
  • Nicole Edwards – Wrote an amazing song about electoral change called “Do You Want Your Vote to Count?”
  • Steve Robertson – Provided newspaper space for our message.
  • Ian Rusk – Built this website from the ground up and brought it into the new millenium.
  • Heather Rusk – Made art and wrote words.
  • Marlene Rusk – Kept the website rebuild and communications projects on track and on schedule.
  • William Mills – Edited and instructed Dave on writing from 2008 to 20012.
  • Larry Mackillop – Assisted with application of the PRP system to the Alberta election results.
  • Paula Mowat – Wrote a descriptive handout of this democratically inclusive voting system.
  • Denise Leschart – Gave unending encouragement and assistance in this work for truly representative democracy.