The purpose of this website is to show one voting system that could lead to more truly representative democracy for Canadians. Canada’s present First Past the Post electoral system is not working for truly representative democracy. The present system destroys rather than builds democracy. The newly named Preferential Riding Proportional (PRP) voting system, focused on inclusion with an opportunity to build community is presented here.  Click here to read the PRP White Paper, and click here to see the 2006 and 2008 Canadian election results analysed with both FPTP and PRP.

Representative minority governments would replace false majority governments. Lester Pearson, Canadians’ most highly regarded Prime Minister, served very effectively through working both respectfully and cooperatively with the Opposition parties for the well being of Canadians as a whole. Instead of ‘I’ and ‘you’ or ‘we’ and ‘they’, Lester Pearson saw Parliament, ‘we’, as a team to serve Canada and the world.

Usually, if not always, due to the quest for power combined with an electoral system offering 100% power representing less than 30% of electors’ votes, past minority governments in Canada did not run full term. Hard to believe, but Canada has that same system today.

Canada needs an electoral system that favors incumbents who acted collaboratively in their past term.

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