Letter to Justin Trudeau

Dear Justin,

Though I have met you in Whitehorse, other commitments you had did not allow us time to discuss the inclusive combination electoral system, Preferential Ridings Proportional PRP. I hope that you have now received it through Yukon’s MP, Larry Bagnell. If not, I hope that you soon will.

This is in reply to a received invitation to join you on, “working together to grow the most open and inclusive movement in Canada. . . . I’m calling on you to help build the best possible country we can. . .” It was a real pleasure for many to see the inclusive structure of the Special Committee on Electoral Reform, and such a disappointment when you and the Liberal Party shut it down.

As you will see in the PRP electoral system, this topic of inclusiveness is of great interest to me.

If you reopen the electoral reform file for more inclusive and truly representative democracy, and think that the combination PRP electoral system is worth consideration, I would very much like to work with you on building the ‘best possible country we can . . .’

Yours truly,

Dave Brekke, Very concerned former Federal Returning Officer for Yukon.