Thank you for Candid Dates with Candidates

Thank You for Candid Dates with Candidates


Many thanks to John Streicker for “another one of his crazy ideas”!

Though almost everyone involved would have liked the 3 minute dates to be longer, it gave both voters and candidates a chance to meet each other and share some concerns.

For me with my own passionate concern of changing our voting system to do away with false majority governments and elected dictators, I took handouts to share with anyone interested.  All of the candidates that I spoke to expressed strong interest in accountability of government and inclusion of almost all voters in elections.

I’m sorry that I didn’t get a chance to talk to Ryan Leef, Conservative incumbent, who stands for keeping the system divisive like it is.

For more on why change is needed, see the 5 minute video:              “Do you want your vote to count?”
Do you think this change is worth making?  What does a friend of yours think?

If you would like a brief description of a new system developed in Yukon on what people said they wanted in an electoral system, you can pick one up at the CYFN office at 2nd Ave. and Black Street.

If you have email, it is attached. YOU CAN MAKE CHANGE HAPPEN!  Vote strategically to make your vote count in this election, and your vote can almost always count in future elections.     HOW?  See Fair Vote Canada      and/or                Vote with a block of voters  – People Powered Change.