Relevant Videos

Here are a few links to some videos on YouTube that express some of our concerns about the Canadian Electoral system. There’s also a funny video that explains the alternative voting system in Australia, which has some similarities to PRP.

At long last, (09,11,14) we have the new video to share with you … and the world. It is about 5 minutes and is called, “Do you want your vote to count?”. We are elated with the result and so impressed with Phil Timpany’s (Wildman Production) effort to create a solid thought-provoking first installment.

It is now uploaded:

This video from Britain explains a preferential voting system, and shows the benefit of ranked voting in a funny cats-and-dogs way.

This Fair Vote Canada video explains the frustrating math behind our present electoral system.

This video, again from Fair Vote Canada, shows how votes for all parties are ignored under FPtP voting in a multi-party system.